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Minister's Meditation 28.06.20


Written meditation

Video clip

The phone line option is also available by calling 01505 805533.


The result of the congregational vote on the linkage with St. Paul's Johnstone is available on the News page.


Note from Treasurer

Over the last few weeks several people have contacted me asking me how they might continue to give their offerings to the church while services are on hold.

We have no means of dealing with offering envelopes, but there are two options available for anyone who wishes to give a donation at present:-

1. Payment can be made direct to the church bank account via online banking. This could be for a single donation or to make regular payments.

2. A bank Standing Order can be set up - this can be as regular as is wanted, and can be cancelled at any time.

If anyone wishes to use either of these methods then please contact me and I will provide bank account details, or send out a Standing Order form as required.

I can be contacted on my usual email address or by phone - and if anyone does not have these to hand then please use the "contact us" page of this website and I will get back to you.

Thank you

Lillian Taylor



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